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Zundapp record racer

There were of course other manufacturers who wanted a piece of the pie, and one of them was German Zündapp. During 1965 they built a special record breaker (see pics Zundapp1 and 2) and although the weather at Monza was not very good (why are so many record attempts so often plagued by bad weather?) during 12, 13, 14 and 15 May 1965, riders Andreas Brandl, Volker Kramer, Peter Eser, Günter Sengfelder, Heinrich Rosenbuch and Alfred Lehner broke the existing records.

The new records were as follows.
10 km : 153.452 km/h (old: 151.00 km/h) classes 50 and 75 cc
100 km : 162.002 km/h (old: 158.67 km/h) classes 50 and 75 cc
1000 km: 146.639 km/h (old: 117.02 km/h) classes 50 and 75 cc
1 hour : 162.609 km/h (old: 159.11 km/h) classes 50 and 75 cc
6 hours : 147.798 km/h (old: 139.49 km/h) classes 50 and 75 cc
12 hours: 137.039 km/h (old: 113.46 km/h) class 50 cc
(old: 114.00 km/h) class 75 cc
(old: 114.00 km/h) class 100 cc
(old: 133.00 km/h) class 125 cc

The engine was air cooled, and was developed from the trials bike, but was equipped with a rotating inlet disc and a five-speed gearbox, with an extra two-speed box behind it, operated from the left clip-on, just like the Kreidler racers, giving 10 speeds in total. Bore and stroke were 40 x 39.5 mm. Power was given as over 10 bhp at 11,000 rpm. Petrol with an octane number of 98 was used and lubrication oil was mixed with the petrol 1 : 25. The 18" wheels carried tyres specially made by Metzeler, which lasted the whole distance. Total weight was 82 kg. On 14 May Volker Kramer broke the records over 1 hour and 100 km. The engine used for this had water cooling and was slightly more powerful (500 rpm more). The fairing was closed for better streamlining - the radiator was cooled with a little, battery driven fan. Using the same engine, on 15 May Volker Kramer broke the record over 10 km.
J.Kortekaas 2006